Things I love about him: 1

My husband and I attended a orientation meeting for the Mexico trip we’re a part of this summer. The leader was working through a collection of pics of where we’ll be going, what we’ll be doing, etc. This picture appeared on screen.

its actually Tijuana

Neil: (whispers to me) look, little pink houses for you and me.

Me: (whispers back) ah, but ain’t that America?

Neil: (shrugs) well, it’s something to see.

(h/t: john mellencamp)

6 thoughts on “Things I love about him: 1

  1. “Girl, you know it’s true.
    Ooh, Ooh, Ooh I love you.
    Yes, you know it’s true.
    Ooh, Ooh, Ooh I love you.
    Girl, you know it’s true.
    My love is for you.”

    See now why did my wife look at me funny when I sang this to her???

    I cannot believe she wouldn’t think this is beautiful :)

  2. Love… while we didn’t grow up together, we are STILL those kids who sat in the back passing notes. :) I would have to say that possibly it has been a mutual corruption.

  3. Were you those kids who always sat at back of class passing notes to each other…?

    Or has Neil corrupted you gradually over time? ;-)

    Now sit up straight and pay attention to the nice pink houses – er i mean Orientation Leader :-)


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