This week…. an exhale.

don\'t try to find me here

I have been a curiously inactive blogger for about a week. Mostly because this week I am taking a few days of vacation. And as such things go, last week had to be all about (and by that I mean, every waking moment was dedicated to) making this week possible.

Where am I going? Oh wouldn’t you like to know. Suffice it to say that there will be salt water and the promise of warmer temperatures, and non-stop conversation with four of my precious college friends. I’m en route at the moment, enjoying a long layover and taking the opportunity to write and listen to some great music. There may be posts appearing over the next few days…. those will have been scheduled, my friends, as I’m likely not taking the powerbook out of the case once I arrive.

The five of us who are gathering represent ten children, and are from five different states, and this IS a school week. This means there are five husbands who are being altogether awesome to make this possible. In my case, there’s also a small army of family members and friends and neighbors who are involved. Don’t get me started on the ‘do I feel guilty about this?’ question. I’ve got no other grid through which to view such a reality.

But did I mention the salt water? and sun? and friends?

Yeah. See you next week.

6 thoughts on “This week…. an exhale.

  1. I know it’s a sin. But I feel really really really really terribly JEALOUS. And that’s 4 months, no, 5 months later. J-E-A-L-O-U-S. Send pics so that I can suffer a little bit more as I eat my rice and dal.

  2. grandnanny… maybe next time I’ll bring them here!
    tam… I don’t have trouble with the ‘being away from’. I have guilt about the army of people who contribute to keeping them alive while I’m gone.
    Kenyon… there’s medication for how Neil feels about this.
    Fred… yes, and I went to look you up and somebody said you weren’t feeling well. A little bird.

  3. This looks just like your front yard. Why would you leave?

    Oh yeah, 5 friends. vacation. much needed.


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