Random. Things.

Mom Things: Recently had the distinct joy of watching my 5 year old son encounter a pay phone for the first time. Don’t know if he was more perplexed by the sheer size of the whole apparatus, the presence of a coin slot, or the fact that the receiver was tethered by some kind of cord.

Tech Things: I’ve always used an FM transmitter in my car to listen to my iPod. Last fall, my husband and I abandoned Verizon for AT&T as our cell phone provider for the express purpose of paving the way in case a miracle occurred and he could get an iPhone. The new AT&T compatible phones came with the endearing quality of emitting FM interference. I got used to the little ‘dut dut duuuuuh‘ buzzing through the car radio when taking my new phone for a ride. BUT NOW (in a set of unforeseen circumstances) both my husband and I have iPhones. And there is simply no dealing with the ‘DUT DUT DUUUUH DUH DUT-DUT DUUHHH!!!!!!!!‘ that eminates from the iPhone if ever I plug it into the FM transmitter. It’s almost exactly like listening to the opposite of music. After realizing this new problem, I noticed my car has a cassette player. Which has sat largely unused for, say, 5 years? So now, I am living in the technological oxymoronic reality of plugging my iPod or iPhone into a $5 cassette adapter. And there is no more interference. And it sounds better. So there.

Things that make me go wha??? Target sells something called Shrimp Popsicles. Go look. They’re in the freezer section.

Best overheard conversation which, I think, could teach us all a lesson about great communication:

  • flight attendant: sir, are you able to perform the duties required in the emergency exit row?
  • man seated in front of me: I’m sorry, what?
  • flight attendant: are you able to perform the duties of the emergency exit row?
  • man: I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. I don’t have my hearing aids in.
  • flight attendant: well, then you can’t
  • man: what?
  • flight attendant: you just told me you don’t have your hearing aids in so you can’t
  • man: can’t what?
  • flight attendant: you’re going to have to move to another seat.
  • man: I can’t move to another seat? what?!?!

(Random post idea stolen from inspired by tam)

4 thoughts on “Random. Things.

  1. a) i’m jealous.

    b) i use a tape deck too. who would have guessed that a cassette player and velcro were such perfect companions for an apple product?

    c) i’m jealous.

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