Because on Tuesdays, there are pelicans

You probably are aware that I live in the middle of the country in a state no one ever thinks about (with a few exceptions). For almost 7 years, we have lived on a small lake in the middle of this state in the middle of the country. I knew that living on a lake would bring much water-based recreation into our lives, and would likely bring much sand into our house. Both hunches have proven to be true. What I didn’t know is that, being on a body of water in the middle of some major migratory patterns, we’d get to see some amazing wildlife. In the state that’s in the middle of the country. Today… this is what was on the water just outside our house.


This isn’t a great picture because I don’t own one of those cameras with a lens that has its own atmosphere. I have a point and shoot. Plus, as my son and I walked toward them, they swam away. But this is a picture of 8 white pelicans. Up close they look like this (I didn’t take these pictures…. no, really).


They are HUGE. Some of them even had that crazy beak think going on. Which I learned here means they are males who are, well, searching for that special someone. So there you go.

I’ve been thinking about a weekly blog feature. Perhaps I will do a Waterfowl Wednesdays thing. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Because on Tuesdays, there are pelicans

  1. so i was wondering. do you live in a state in the middle of the country?:DI like wild birds. As long as they don’t fly over and poop on me. Like the Seagulls did TWICE in High School!!!

  2. lovewill: that’s hilarious! you’re right, they are amazing in flight. On our small lake, when they took off into the air, it was breathtaking b/c they are so much larger than our customary ducks and geese.Audra: thank you so much. I”m checking out your blog next!

  3. I LOVE wildlife and am so thankful for living here in Oz where i get to commune recglarly with a whole bunch of wonderful awesome and unusual creations. – So GO FOR IT i say :-)Pelicans hold a special place in my heart – so ungainly and awkward looking on land but in the air and on the water they are SERENE! I was amazed to be driving along a local freeway near the middle of my State capital city (built near a river and ocean) and saw five pelicans.. Sitting atop the freeway lighting poles! One on each succesive pole :-) love <B

  4. well, at least your husband reads your blog :) vince sent me a text yesterday and said, “by the way, i didn’t like your blog today.” hmmm.

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