I know what I’m doing this summer.

airial-view-baja.jpg Foundation for His Ministry is a ministry that has served the poor in Mexico for over 40 years in several locations. The ministry’s Baja location began as an orphanage, but has grown to a multi-faceted ministry that is serving it’s community in whatever way it can.


lorena.jpgThis is Lorena. She came to the Baja orphanage last year, when her mother could no longer provide for her. Lorena’s future is not clear, but for now she is thriving in a place where adults love on her, teach her, and provide a sense of security. At Christmas, each of our kids received a picture of Lorena as a gift, as our family is now sponsoring part of Lorena’s care.


In July, we are going to meet Lorena. A group of 35 people from our church will travel to Mexico to serve at the Baja ministry location. Groups like ours come year round to provide support to those who work in these locations by doing ‘dirty work’…. mundane tasks…. whatever….. so that those who are there to care for the kids can spend their time doing that.

Our kids will be the only children in our group. They are tremendously excited. Our prayer is that as a result of this trip, they will have a view of a bigger world, a heart filled with more of God’s love, and hands and feet propelled to help those who are hopeless.

I know what I’m doing this summer.


6 thoughts on “I know what I’m doing this summer.

  1. Cathy… thanks for the encouragement. I hope you can do something like this soon with your boys.

    Krysta… I’ll tell the trip leader that you’re willing to host all 35 of us at your home overnight. thanks so much for offering. you were offering, right? :) I SO WISH I could spend a day with you while we’re so close…. we’ll see what happens.

    Kellie… like Jeremy said…you’re just 5 years away from this. :)

  2. That is awesome Kim!! What a cool experience for your kids…I hope we can do something like that when our kids are their ages.

  3. him baja. that’s really close to me … you should make sure you fly out of lax and spend a day or two relaxing after the trip by the beach … with me.

    oh, and that’s really freaking cool … what you’re doing and such. :)

  4. This is just ONE of the stellar ways you and Neil have helped shape your kids’ hearts for God. I am so thrilled that you will experience this trip together and that H & J can meet Lorena. How cool is THAT. The travel/ministry bug is strong, my friend! May your family never be the same!

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