21 thoughts on “Saturday’s Mac Quiz

  1. Huh? I don’t see a single burger anywhere??How dare you get my tastebuds going for no good reason??(Yep! – i’m one of the 98% who ‘prefer’, and i use the term guardedly, Windows).Be nice to me anyway??? ;-)love <B

  2. Oh by the way…if the 1T killed the G4…maybe that IS the issue. was it ever on a Windows machine? Could have a virus somewhere on there that’s picking on the Mac…

  3. It’s probably gonna end up being one of those needles in the haystack that never work right. Sorry if that’s a downer statement. I have had experience with some Macs like that. They either work or they don’t. Apple may be able to help. We have been running Media Shout for about 7 years, but we are transferring over to ProPresenter. we have been running it as a shadow to Media Shout till we get every one up and running. we bought a 24″ iMac to run it. we are using 2g ram and seems to be very stable.Media Shout started to drive me nuts. We are integrating more video and Media Shout is extremely limited (AVI and Mpeg1). Pro Presenter works off of Quicktime and pretty much any codec we want, so we are loving that. Media Shout has always been buggy as well. we went back to version 2.5 after upgrading to 3.0, cause we couldn’t get rid of some bugs. Seems like lately Media Shout is slowing down on their interest in pushing forward to make it a better software. Anyway, we are really liking ProPresenter. I also really enjoyed iWorship on their latest upgrade, but we are sticking with ProPresenter for now.You know what i find funny…Between you and I, we probably own half the words on Kim’s front page now :)

  4. not sure, we have 2 of em at work and just like yours they ARE golden. I have noticed that the kernel panic happens when the 1T drive is plugged in. Dunno which made the other one goofy, could go either way. the 24″ has a couple of other thing s that I am assuming are unrelated but never-the-less are troublesome. ip address drops often, Several of the apps I had running crashed. Consensus with my at work mac heads was that a call to Apple is in order…anyway I find several things humorous…1) It cracks me up that on Kim’s blog there exist the words “kernel panic”2) I appear to be a systems nerd. I don’t think I am really as much as I appear on this thread…. maybe… (I am never gonna win this one with Kim)… Brent, what are you using for presentation?

  5. Haha!!! Well I think I got one of them.So Neil, what’s up with the iMac? Why’s it giving you so much issue?We’ve got a couple around the office and are using one for our presentation rig in the Worship center and it’s been golden.I’m off the iPhone an onto the Macbook…so the spelling is better now :)

  6. ok how bout a dead 1T drive to startwith (foregroud), a dead G4, (maybe the reason the T is dead), a one week old 24″ imac that will kernal panic every 20 minutes, a super slow-i want to throw it in the lake-macbook pro with a monster dent in the side…. let me say it has been a good saturday…

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