Borat: Mid-west version?

Last week in my town, something very unusual occurred. Read the news story here.

The church mentioned in the article presented a living ‘Last Supper’ on Good Friday, and that was the event targeted by the production crew. As you might imagine, conversations with those who were there have a bit more serious tone–implying a more sinister interpretation of what happened–than the news story has. A second church in a different town was targeted as well, but someone at the Wichita church did a little detective work, made some calls, and the second church was alerted to the true intentions of the production crew before they arrived.

So… is this a harmless ‘Borat’ idea targeting people in the mid west? Is it funny?

What do you think?

Edit 03.30.08:  in media today:  this was the work of Sacha Baron Cohen filming as ‘Bruno’, and capitalizing on all of the worst stereotypes of Kansas.  :)

One thought on “Borat: Mid-west version?

  1. Hmmmm…

    Not sure what it would be. Reality TV is getting a lot more bold these days. It could be anything. Sometimes it just gets old though. I loved Jackass in the early days, but now its more like shockass…

    Sorry for the donkey verbage :)

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