Easter Sunday part 3: Tech Confessional


This is the main part of our auditorium sound system. Recoil in horror if you like, but except for an amp rack and the part of the board you’re not seeing in this pic, this is our usual set up.


This is Betty.

Betty is the personal property of our extremely talented tech director.

Betty came to visit for Easter and, can I just say, she made all things new.

We love Betty.

17 thoughts on “Easter Sunday part 3: Tech Confessional

  1. […] a beautiful way that could never have been anticipated. That was our worship this weekend. Oh, and Betty was still with us. It was a good […]

  2. It is an old Apple something something. We (and by that I mean my husband) once collected 16 of those monitors to try to make a video wall in our youth room. This was back before… you know… video walls.

  3. Hey Kimbo…Just caught up to you online. I had FAR more time to surf when I was employed. :-)Glad you found some peace in the midst of the HOLY season. I miss you!

  4. Is Betty staying? Make her permanent!!Thanks for the Easter confessionals. For the last 2 years, we’ve offered identical services. actually, we dialed back the contemporary and pushed the traditional. needless to say–it didn’t make anyone happy. So this year we did what we regularly do–and so far everyone is happy. Never mind that it’s double work on me ( a traditional choir, traditional hymns for traditional service and choir, choruses and creativity in the last). It was a busy day.Here’s to Betty!!Jim

  5. ok before I get in trouble, you should know that I’m MARRIED TO an A/V nerd. Who really isn’t a nerd at all. I just enjoy watching what happens when people like him react when they first confront some(one)thing like Betty.

  6. I see DBX and Presonus compression (the 1066’s rock!)I see TC M oneSome Yamaha Rev500’sA semi-vintage Roland unitRoland and DBX 13/3 octaves and a digirack.Cool :)

  7. “yes and as it turns out, quite the guy-magnet.”You can say that again!So if it’s a guy magnet…what does that make Mandy :)

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