Holy Week Journey, content

Our holy week journey began last night.  I love doing interactives like this, because the impact on people has to do with having conversation with God. Period. No other explanation for it. We’re just providing time, space, and prompts.
The picture above is what my warrior-princess daughter wrote on the worship wall in the first station… her description of Jesus as he entered Jerusalem: Holy and ‘Couragious‘. Love that.
 Here’s a list of our various stations and their basic themes:
‘We Were There: the Journey’

Station 1: the crowd (Jesus enters Jerusalem; worship)
Station 2: Mary Magdalene (acceptance of Jesus’ work in our lives)
Station 3: Judas (idolatry, betrayal, forgiveness)
Station 4: Peter (betrayal, forgiveness)
Station 5: Pilate (self-preservation, justice, righteousness)
Station 6: the crowd (the call for Jesus’ crucifixion; understanding who Jesus really is)
Station 7: the Lord’s Supper (Jesus’ sacrifice)
Station 8: the cross (invitation for all to come to the cross with thoughts, prayers, and confessions from the journey)

Click here for the complete booklet that guides participants through the journey.

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