The Imagination Station

Welcome to the Imagination Station. Recently fashioned from a large cardboard box (which once held a Kenmore dryer), the ‘Station’ is the ultimate in entertainment. For example, the Imagination Station includes a Wii. Don’t see it? It’s there. I know this because one day my daughter was hopping around like a crazy person within the walls of this box, working up a sweat. Turned out she was ‘playing tennis on the Wii’.

We don’t own a Wii.

Couldn’t locate the boy one day…. walked through the very silent living room calling his name.
(from inside the Imagination Station) ‘Yes?’
me: ‘what are you doing?’
answer: ‘I’m watching Tony Hawk on the Suite Life of Zach and Cody’

I peered over the top of this huge cardboard box to find him reclining on his back on a pillow in a typical TV-watching pose, staring at the wall of the box, on which was drawn a large flat screen TV, with the title ‘Suite Life of Zach and Cody’ written in the middle.

They’re not allowed to watch ‘the Suite Life’. So is this breaking the rules?

Just so you know…. when you limit your kids’ TV time, and encourage creativity, your house gets messy.

But then things like this happen, and it’s amazing.

3 thoughts on “The Imagination Station

  1. The question at hand seems to be is this pure creativity or creativity mixed with passive aggressive behavior to gain a Wii and more TV time? :)

    BTW, with all the cool things we give our kids, why do they always go for the box?!?!?

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