Tribute to …. my boy

(in honor of his birthday)

Turned 5 on Christmas Eve (ok so I’m two months behind….)
Loves to play drums and guitars.
Loves to play ‘school’ with big sister and all the stuffed animals that can be located.
Has always been the cuddly one of the family.
Can be very shy.
Is developing an Adventure Boy side… secret agents, solving mysteries, and a disturbing infatuation with weaponry.
Favorite stuffed animal is ‘Ducky’.
Rule broken most often: jumping on the couch. As in standing on the arm of the couch, yelling ‘Cannonball!’ and landing on the cushions (we have really fluffy couches).
Still sucks his thumb. I have no idea how we’re going to stop that.
Naturally a fairly quiet personality. Turns into a ball of fire when tired.
Extreeeeemely perceptive.
Extreeeeemely aware of planning ahead. Will take a bag of carefully selected toys in the car in the morning because of somewhere we’re going at supper time. The bags….. bags of any size and shape are disappearing into his world, only to be discovered completely packed full of small toys, various electronic devices (made out of paper), and possibly rocks.
Asks great questions. This morning: ‘Mom, is there a place in the world where there are lots of just regular colors, because around here there aren’t that many.’ (huh?)
Shows signs of being thoughtful, sensitive, and strategic.
Would eat candy every meal, all the time.
Tries to evade discipline by (a) ‘cute-ing’ his way out or (b) distracting the offending adult through comedy routines.
When unhappy with a disciplinary event, always cries for the parent that isn’t at home (dramatically “I Want My Daddy!”). If both parents are at home: “I Want My…. (thinking)… Grandma!!”
Currently has a somewhat incomplete view of marriage: ‘I’m going to marry these brownies!’
Always remembers to ask each family member what the best part of their day was.
When he grows up he wants to be a drummer. No…. wait….. He already is one.

We absolutely love all that he brings to our family. It is amazing to discover more every day the person he was built to be. Happy birthday, buddy.

4 thoughts on “Tribute to …. my boy

  1. This is so precious Kim!

    Actually sounds a lot like my son when he was 5. Very shy, cuddly, adventurous and BIG TIME planner. He’s everything still, except shy. Not a shy bone in his body!

    Happy birthday – Like, waayyy late =)

  2. You tell him that the Tabor College Department of Defense and Strategic Studies is always looking for new recruits…er…potential applicants!

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