Worship Confessional 02.10.08

Blended worship

  • Blessed Be the Name of the Lord (Utterbach)
  • King Jesus is All
  • announcements, ministry highlight (south africa trip)
  • O God of Mine (Springer)
  • This is My Father’s World (Babcock/traditional)
  • offering: Our God is God (choir & orchestra)
  • message

Contemporary worship

  • announcements, welcome
  • Come and Fill This Place (Helming)
  • The Solid Rock (our band arrangement of hymn)
  • All About You (Cruse-Ratliffe, Houghton)
  • prayer
  • How Great is Our God (Tomlin)
  • Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)
  • Hallelujah (Sampson/Tennikoff/Fjell)
  • message
  • sending prayer (south africa trip)

This Sunday was quite unusual for me personally. I spent the entire week at the re:create conference in Franklin, TN, which was a profound experience. Truly. I’ve been writing about it here. For once, I tried to be realistic in terms of what to expect out of my energy level following an event like this. So, I gave away the planning, rehearsing, and leading of the blended service to my very talented friend Albena, who is normally the pianist. She did a great job. I loved watching the team make it all happen. For the contemporary service, I planned the music and talked through ideas for the sets with our keyboardist, James, before leaving for the conference. The band and vocalists rehearsed while I was gone, but I sang/lead on Sunday morning. This was a new experience, leading without having been at rehearsal. We have about 20 minutes of stage re-set, band re-set and sound check with that band immediately prior to the service, so there’s not nearly time to run all transitions. Still, this group is incredibly competent, and all went well. It was just comical to realize how internally freaked out I could get over not ‘knowing’ what would happen every moment. Control issues, anyone? :)

I left the re:create conference with 25 lbs of new resources (not. even. kidding.)…..lots of music to listen to, lots of ideas to wade through. But I also came away about 10 things that God is imprinting on me. Here are a few that have to do with the leading of worship in my church:

release others to serve… be more intentional in inviting creative people to contribute in lots and lots of ways… train and find mentors for young creatives…

try writing again… I had given up. It’s time to work at this, alongside a few other musicians who serve our church.

God, what’s on your heart for our church?… asking this question every day. Lead worship out of that prayer-ful conversation.

We’ll see where that takes us……

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