Blogging to save lives.

You’ve probably heard of Compassion International, an child-sponsorship organization with the mission of ‘releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name’. And, clearly, you’ve heard of blogging. Compassion International is the first organization of its kind to use the power of blogging to spread its message.

This week Compassion took about 15 bloggers to Uganda to write about the work being done there. I have been following some of these writers for a while, and love their perspective, wisdom, humor, and openness. There are stay-at-home moms in this group, musicians, photographers, graphic designers, business people…. people just like us. I met four of them at the re:create conference last week, and can tell you that they are open to wherever God leads through this trip.

There’s a link on my sidebar that links to the blogs as well as other info about Compassion. Or, go here for a complete list of bloggers on the Compassion site. These are the blogs that I’ve been reading for a while:

Anne JacksonCarlos Whittaker
Heather Whittaker
Shaun Groves
Sophie / Boomama
Randy Elrod

Consider spending some time reading, and journey with these writers as they attempt to describe unfathomable need, and amazing stories of God’s provision.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to participate.

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