On miracles.

Yesterday, I heard the story of a friend’s journey with her son, a 10-year-old boy who has multiple psychological diagnoses. We’ve been friends for a long time, and I have been awed by her faith, her compassion, and her strength for a long time. This chapter of her story is filled with insurmountable odds, limitations in the educational system, and professionals who ‘professed’ outright hopelessness. And yet every part of that hopelessness was turned around. Every closed door flung open. Every wrong action reversed. And now a 10 year-old-boy is finding joy and love and light and laughter in a school that really fits him, instead of the harshness and coldness and darkness that previously surrounded him. The catalyst for this change? In several different steps, people… friends…. Christians who were praying… a kids ministry worker who is also a special ed teacher bringing up a new idea…. a friend here or there knowing someone who knows someone who could offer help. My friend described this as a series of miracles.

I recently read R.C. Sproul‘s answer to a question about God performing miracles: “Some people… define a miracle as any wonderful thing that happens by the power of God. If that’s the definition of miracle, then..I would say that, absolutely, God is performing them today. However…speaking of miracles in the technical sense of an action performed against the laws of nature–God circumventing the very laws he put into motion….no, I don’t think God is doing that kind of miracle today”

I was upset by his answer… because what if he’s right? Why would God not be doing that kind of miracle anymore? Why don’t we get to see that? Why are we stuck with the ones that can be explained in other ways?

Then I heard my friend’s story. And I got it. I’ve heard—I think I’ve said—over and over that God invites us to participate in the work that he’s doing all around us. Is it possible that the most amazing miracle is when people pay attention… make that phone call…. have that conversation…. all in response to a still, small nudge…. and the cumulative result is transformation in the life of someone else?


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