Worship Confessional 09.16.07

In all our services this week we had special presentations that took up quite a bit of time. So the music list gets whittled down. In some ways I think it’s almost harder to plan songs when you don’t have much time…. it becomes a ‘that song doesn’t deserve 3 minutes this week’ kind of thing. And I certainly don’t do any kind of talking, as that’s what’s filling the other 45 minutes of the worship service. Anyway, here are the song lists….

Blended services:

  • Opened with instrumental, smooth jazz version of ‘How Great Thou Art’. Players did a GREAT job.
  • How Great Thou Art (straight up hymn)
  • O Come Let Us Adore Him (just the chorus…it’s not just for Christmas anymore)
  • God of Wonders (Byrd, Hindalong)

Contemporary service:

  • Love the Lord (Brewster) — new for us this week. Very peppy. Easy opener song. Would be great kids’ worship song.
  • The Solid Rock (1 verse and chorus of hymn over new chord progression, sustained)
  • Sing to the King (Foote)
  • Our God Reigns (NOT THAT ONE!!! The chorus of the Delirious? song, as recorded by Tomlin on Everything Glorious)
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) (Tomlin)

What did I learn this week….. I learned that there is more anxiety rattling around parts of our congregation regarding worship styles than I thought. And in surprising places. I tried giving the melody line to someone who usually doesn’t sing melody, and it worked beautifully. And I thoroughly enjoyed the accordion line our keyboard player threw into Amazing Grace. Our church faces some big decisions soon, and I feel more and more compelled to point our worship toward the sovereignty of God…. nothing like following a presentation about the potential new building project with ‘my hope is built on nothing less…’ :)

2 thoughts on “Worship Confessional 09.16.07

  1. We also do the chorus of “O Come Let Us Adore Him” – though we’ve never planned to do it… just happens when the Holy Spirit leads us there. :)

    Another building project song idea (for when it is finished!) – This is Your House (arranged by Cymbala for soloist w/SATB choir.) :) That’s what our traditional service’s choir will be doing anyway. :)

    “Love the Lord” is a great one too. I love this song, & I get to do some nice improvised (but usually the same) Irish whistle in it, which fits with the joyful mood of this song.

    I’m very curious about this smooth jazz version of “How Great Thou Art!”

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