Marketing Rant

OK, produce marketing people, explain to me the Personal Watermelon. Was it sooooo annoying to the average American fruit consumer to share the normal sized melon? Am I sooooo enthralled by my own independence that I will be more likely to buy a smaller melon if it sounds as though it was born and raised ‘just for me’? IT’S JUST SMALL. In fact it’s the same size as a cantaloupe, which is still appropriate for a crowd, apparently.


5 thoughts on “Marketing Rant

  1. Ahhh…so you have caught yourself writing for a specific audience, even as you thought you were writing for yourself? I catch myself doing that all the time. I am totally comfortable with the people I know (and some I don’t) reading my blog or other writing, but if I found out someone unexpected was reading it, I would freak out. Strange, isn’t it?

  2. Since I’ve made myself sick eating too much watermelon (I didn’t want to waste it and it didn’t fit in the fridge) I think I might look into these…but seriously, who has the time to create that?

  3. OK daniel, original or personal, it still hurts like….well you know like what?

    Funny Kim! Ya know what gets me…Tip jars at Drive thru restaurant windows! What us that?

  4. Good rant. I think it should’ve been called the mini-melon. Those other enormous watermelons you couldn’t jam any where into the fridge like these new “personal” ones. I do like them.
    They also screwed this up: Now when women compare babies to watermelons when talking about how painful birth is to us men we’ll have to ask which one; the orignal, or the personal size?

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