Was tagged by Todd for this little survey. Here we go….

First Memory: my uncle taunting me with a HUGE balloon when I was about 4 (which means he was around 11), then popping it right in my face, thus rendering me relatively afraid of balloons for a while.

First Real Kiss: 9th grade.
First Concert: I remember going to a Gaither trio concert, and I remember going to a B.J. Thomas concert, both with my parents. I think the Gaither one was first. (and yes I’m so very proud)

First Love: books. :)

First Crush: Bo Duke, from the Dukes of Hazzard. Not John Schneider the actor, Bo Duke the character.

First thing you think in the morning: If we traded our king sized bed for a full, then will the kids stop coming in here in the middle of the night?

First book you remember loving: Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh

First pet: cat named Tinker Bell

First question you’ll ask in Heaven: so how was childbirth going to work before Adam and Eve messed everything up? (look it up if you don’t understand the question)

First thing you think of when you hear the work vacation: beaches and sunshine with no humidity

First best friend: Susan Miller. My mom kept Susan every day in the pre-school years.

Last time you dressed up: if this means more dressed up than normally in a given week…. then it was probably for a wedding in May.

Last CD you bought: Albertine, by Brooke Fraser. Which I highly recommend.

Last book you read: Almost finished with They Like Jesus but Not the Church, by Dan Kimball.

Last time you cried: A week ago at a friend’s house listening to the amazing story of how God brought her adopted daughter into the life of her family.

Last movie you saw: in the theater? Ratatouille. Rental/DVD? part of 8 Seconds, which my husband rented for ‘research’ for a video project he’s starting. Best $2 ever spent (by a studio for a script, I mean).

Last time you told someone you loved them: around 7:30 this morning.

Last really funny thing you did: spoke these words (or something very close) into the mic at worship team rehearsal last night, “Thursday night rehearsal…. brought to you by the Ktel’s ‘Best Thirty Seconds of Songs from the 70s’ ” This after our keyboard player launched into one of the many obscure keyboard lines from ‘vintage’ songs that he randomly plays every week. Ok, so it was funny then.

Last Halloween costume: Wow…it’s been a while. A few years ago I dressed up as a friendly black spider when I was working at a rehab hospital. Hey, everyone was doing it.

Last concert attended: Two high school choir shows last year, does that count? Professional music concert…. honestly, I can’t remember. That’s extremely sad. I sat through a Skillet sound check at a youth event about 4 years ago….

And with that, I tag Krysta and Matt and Erin. Mu-hu-hah-ha-HA!!! (that was an evil laugh)

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