A full cup….

For the past 2 days I have been attending the leadership summit, put on by Willow Creek Association. Too much to process at this point. Soon, I hope, I will wrap words around the experience. Oh, the thinks I will think, to quote Dr. Seuss. For now, I give you some amazing things that are not hard to pass on.

The African Children’s Choir
Eric Mongrain, unbelievable guitar work
Purnell School, girls who have not been successful at other schools find their strengths.
Make Poverty History, scroll down on left and watch ‘Yellow Dress’.

7 thoughts on “A full cup….

  1. found your blog on Anne Jackson’s site — always like to meet a fellow ecclesiastical cynic! – you made good comments there…

  2. Hi Kim! Wow – sounds like you and your husband are pretty busy! Your son is a little musician already huh? That’s awesome- must run in the genes! I’ve told my kiddos from the beginning that their musical gifts and being a part of this family is there heritage! It is what God has ordained for them – so use the gifts – they’re there for a purpose, don’t waste it.

    I think it’s great that you and your husband are on the team together. I love being on the team under my husbands leadership – it is a blessing and honor.

    You’re part time – so do you have another “job” outside being a WL?

    What do you find most overwhelming?

  3. Hi Kim! Overwhelmed? Uh-Huh… But in a totally great way. Willows arts conference was more than we anticipated. The building in and of itself was something to behold. Then the speakers! Goodness – phenomenal! Donald Miller “Blue Like Jazz” blew us away! Then for the break out sessions I got to sit under Rory Noland, whom I have such a great admiration and respect for. I’ve lead our vocalists through The Heart of the Artist and it has transformed us as servants in the music ministry. I could really go on forever here!

    My whole family is involved in music ministry. My hubby is the Music/Media Pastor at our church. I’m on music team with him and both our kids are on kids music team in various ministries for youth. So, for us, it’s pretty easy to juggle family/ministry because we’re all almost always together. It’s very cool!!!

    So…there’s some dialogue for ya – ha! How about you? Tell me more about you and your ministry and involvement. I checked out your church on line – it looks like a great place to serve and minister!

    I’ve taken enough room…nice to meet you!

  4. Hi – I got to your blog from Anne Jacksons post today.

    My husband and I were at the Willow Creeks Arts Conference this June and felt the same way you do about Summit. It took a long time to wrap our heads around everything too! We finally received all the dvd’s and cd’s that we could get from the event and now we get to explode our brains yet again with our Worship Team!

    anyway…I’m glad to have found your blog!

  5. just noticed that i am actually on your places to visit…you have no idea how much that made my day, i think i just got up and did a spinning fist pump, someday i will actually show you what that looks like.

    oh i love the little things that make life just down right amazing.

  6. first off, it was not in any way shape or form boring, it just might be to the people that actually read my blog. second, i miss you about as much as matt missed his mac when we were in kenya. third, how’s the conference? i hope you brought your laptop and aren’t paying a bit of attention to anything :) fourth, oh yeah, and i stinking love ya!

    peace out to my friend, coworker, mac lover, and for all good things my fellow posted note addict


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