Sappy girl-ness….

I don’t know what it is. I get all teary when I watch a group of kids / students perform something with passion… something that they have had to work hard to accomplish. Like, a really awesome drum line performing at half-time at a football game. Or well designed and executed group choreography for a show choir. My husband was in youth ministry for 13 years, so we’ve had lots and lots and lots of opportunities to see such things. (We have, of course, seen lots of things that weren’t so very awesome, which can move a person to tears for a completely different reason.) The most recent experience was one of the more intense. A professional theater company, Music Theatre Wichita, was one of five companies to be given the rights to perform the new stage version of Disney’s ‘High School Musical’. We went to it last weekend….because we knew several students in the production…. and we have a nine-year-old daughter, which means we’ve seen and/or heard the TV version 4,578 times.

Amazing. About 80 of the most talented high school students / recent grads gathered in one place ever. I was a mess the whole time. A world class performance by adults doesn’t have the same affect on me. A mediocre performance by students, not so much. But I am overcome by a performance done well, with energy and passion, if the performers are young.

Also, apparently, if they are trained marine animals, as I was once moved to tears by a dolphin show at Sea World.

(Just smile and nod and tell me I’m not crazy.)

6 thoughts on “Sappy girl-ness….

  1. Pretty sad that I didn’t respond to the church-leaders-gone-simon-cowell post yet feel compelled to say ‘me, too’ to the sappy girl post. And add The Olympics. And watching a skinny 33-year old receive her PhD…

  2. Are you telling me, Krysta, that you would have cried at “High School Musical”?

    [sound of paradigms crashing to the ground]

  3. even those of us who don’t have hearts cry in moments like these. it’s the moment of possibility. the moment where we catch a glimpse of potential and things to come. it awakens our souls to know we were created for moments such as these. (tear)

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