Taking a moment

I got to spend an hour by myself on the Starbucks side of a Barnes & Noble. This never happens. It was divine.

I first visited this same Starbucks in 1995, when a friend introduced me to real cappucino. It was there, while attempting to add sweetener to my drink, that I first confronted the futility of stirring powder through foam with a stick. It was that weekend when that same friend prayed for Neil and I, in a circle of other youth pastors and wives. He and his wife had just welcomed their third child into the world, and apparently things were less than poetic. He ended his prayer with something like, “bless the fruit of their loins so they can suffer like the rest of us”.

We had been married for about 6 months.

Ah, friendship.

2 thoughts on “Taking a moment

  1. This is my promise to you, Krysta. I will never mention such a thing unless specifically requested to do so. OR if bribed with some form of coffee experience.

    I completely agree about the two hours.

  2. i’m so glad to hear that you had time to yourself. much needed and deserved i would say!

    and, while i appreciate that you can have a good hearty laugh about the blessings from your friends, could we promise never to utter those words to each other? :)

    p.s. – i already regret that we only had two hours together. maybe i’ll just have to get you out here somehow … hmmm.

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