my new obsession…

My kids and I rented a bunch of movies to have on hand since my husband is out of town. I’m not really sure how movies replace the whole loving-husband-and-father thing, but somehow it works. Anyway, one of my picks was the first season of the Gilmore Girls. So, yes, now I’m binging. And I’ve been rendered powerless against whatever it is that is addictive about this show. I think I might start investing (yes INVESTING) in the DVD’s, because I think I need (yes NEED) to watch at least one episode a night. I think it makes me an all ’round more interesting person. After watching one episode last night, I spun out uncharacteristically snappy dialogue with my own kids, and I think it worked better than the normal me.

Then today, I had this uncontrollable urge to drink a lot of coffee and wear wool coats.

So, it’s likely that if I don’t muster up some self-discipline, this very fine show may, in fact, take over my life. But I’ll go down smilin’.

NOTE: if you are reading this and shaking your head in disbelief that any thinking person could be captivated by a TV program such as this, exit my blog immediately.

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