Anybody else have trouble with Saturdays? The weekdays fly by with rare opportunities to choose how I spend my time. I get to Saturday and I’m frozen, giddy with the choices before me. Do I relax? Do I attack a project? Do I attack an urgent situation in the household (i.e. lack of food)? Or do I spend a good chunk of daytime on blogs?

Ah, yes. Age old questions. Anyone have any ideas?

2 thoughts on “saturdays…

  1. Since I spent my Saturday working, I’m just now getting to this. However, this is what I would suggest: since you probably won’t be able to enjoy relaxation without getting some things accomplished first, I’d use your time before noon to mark a few things off your to-do list. After that, you go and relax. Border, the Bucks, a favorite park, etc. You write, read, listen to new music, go on an adventure, go down a road you’ve never been down, shop the $1 section at Target. Make another list of things you’d do if you had time … and then make sure each Saturday, you check one of those things off. It’s refreshing, because at the end of the day, you were not only productive, but also exploring new options and rejuvinating your creative juices. :)

  2. oh Kim, it’s 10:15PM so it’s too late to get in my recommendations to be useful! BUT, my philosophy is that Saturdays are to get some things done or at least started with equal parts relaxation and self-time :) Sundays, on the other hand, are strictly for complete and utter rest which I believe to be necessary! And that’s tomorrow so we’re golden!

    Oh ps I’m glad I found your blog, I found it through Krysta’s, praises! :)

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